Australia is not the first place that comes in your mind when you think about hardcore. I mean it is not NY, it is not LA, it is not even Berlin… 50 Lions though is a band that along others like Her Nightmare and Parkway Drive, put Aussie in the map of hc.

Where life expires is the bands newest release and it doesn’t differ a lot from the previous ones.12 tracks of well played groovy hardcore with chugging riffs, blasting drums, ferocious vocals and many chances for mosh and two-step…Sam Johnson, the producer, did a great job productionwise and I think he achieved to bring the whole Terrorish sound and added a certain groove to 50 Lions’ second LP.

Speaking of groove check out “For the worst” and “Still Lost”. “Wrong Choices” attack us with a dose of crunchy quitars and 2-step parts as well as “Locrian” that features Winston Mc Call of the Parkway Drive fame. Also the ultra moshy “Means To An End” and “No Escape” add a certain feel to the rhythm and they make you wanna dance the 2-step way all day long.

Where life expires is not a masterpiece. It is not an album that is technically perfect with crazy melodies and stuff. It is an album that comes from the heart and it speaks the truth about real life. After all that’s what hardcore is all about…

You might think that due to the relationship between 50 Lions and Parkway Drive (the vocalists from both bands are brothers) they play a more metal orientated hardcore. But don’t let that trivia fool you. 50 Lions are a traditional hardcore band with just a metallic touch. If you are a fan of Terror, Donnybrook, Guns Up!, Cruel Hand etc. go cop 50 Lions’ new effort. I am sure you gonna like it if not love it.

Track List Line Up
01. Redefine
02. For The Worst
03. Still Lost
04. Life Expires
05. Winding Roads
06. Fear
07. A Message…
08. Wrong Choices
09. Locrian
10. Means to an End
11. Instrumental
12. No Escape
Byron “Boz” Carney: Guitar
Dan Brown: Guitar
Reide Iredake: Bass
Michael Young: Drums
Oscar Mc Call: Vocals