I think there are some bands, in what we call metal music, that have their own trademark sound. Primordial, from Ireland, just happen to be the ultimate representative of such a state. With “Redemption…” being their 7th release, they just have nothing to prove to themselves or us-their audience.

Musically, more in the likes of their former past releases “Gathering…” & “To the Nameless…”, but with the spirit of their first couple albums, “Redemption…” tends to be more open and effective, after the first few listenings. By no means this is the most esoteric release of these folks.

Thematically deep, bitter, sharp and angry, as you could have expected, the lyrical approach of Nemtheanga’s lines, apart from entertainment bring thoughts and mind awakening with a more poetic glimpse. The guitar flowing riffs being once more present, throughout the entire album and of course the almighty and unique clean guitars, that so perfectly fit to their majestic sound. Mainly ritualistic, as their sound can also be described, Primordial have brought back to the table, some ingredients left aside for a while. Blast beats, take their place after many years of abscence in song “Bloodied Yet Unbowed”. Last but not least surprise for “Redemtion..” is A.A. Nemtheanga’s black metal singing on “God’s Old Snake” which reminds me of their early recordings and more back to roots attitude…Brilliant track.

Production-wise I could say that “Redemption…” is a step more precise than its predessecors. Although, there aren’t many innovations in it, because I guess the songs, don’t actually need tricks to surface themselves…Yes, Primordial are that much fucking pure and sincere!!!

As I mentioned in the first paragraph, “Primordial” have established themselves a status and profile, where their sound is so recognisable and unique, that as a listener you either like everything for what they are, nor you hate it because it just is what it is!

If you happen to be on the first category then “Redemtion…” stands out as another good release in their catalogue. If you’re on the second category, this is another record that has nothing new or different to bother with.. For the rest, we know the way…

Track List Line UP
01. No Grave Deep Enough
02. Lain With The Wolf
03. Bloodied Yet Unbowed
04. God’s Old Snake
05. The Mouth Of Judas
06. The Black Hundred
07. The Puritan’s Hand
08. Death Of The Gods
Alan Averill-Vocals
Ciáran MacUiliam-Guitars
Micheál O’Floinn-Guitars
Pól MacAmlaigh-Bass
Simon O’Laoghaire-Drums