One of the truest and most underrated bands of all times in music and not only heavy metal, returned in 2009 after 13 years of absence since their last album entitled ”Messiah Of Confusion”. The legendary Count Raven from Sweden are back with us, as I guess they must have missed us as much as we missed them. Their full length release is here to bring some things back to basics and has the strange title ”Mammons War”. A sign that the attack has begun and this time they will show no mercy? It could be, after all who cares about ideals? We are talking about music that comes from the heart here.

Dan Fondelius has been known apart from being a great riffer for his Ozzy-like voice. This time I clearly state that he sounds more mature than ever, it is clear that absence or time haven’t touched him at all and he is a wild card to the album’s overall feeling. Who is familiar to Count Raven’s music, knows he’s going to listen to HEAVY music first of all. And you know, few are the bands that play heavy because that’s what comes from their hearts. This band never followed trends or the likes of music industry and that’s what they also do once again.

Opening track ”The Poltergeist” is a great example that despite years pass by, talent and will to be honest to yourself and to your fans never leaves once you have it inside you. They had it and they still have it, producing a long album which lasts 68 minutes but does not tire you at all. Each of the eleven songs hides its own magic and is a well built unit to a positive sum. Mostly the tempo is slow as we have got used by them, while the keyboards add more colour to a pitch-black scenery. Only this time, a light of hope smiles behind the clouds.

Of course, one of the highlights of the album is the epic track ”A Lifetime”. Nearly eleven minutes of duration in one of the longest Count Raven songs, stands right in the middle of this release to ease the speeds before the second half of the album continues in the same motivo as the first one did. It is not the easiest band of all times to listen to, it has never been and never will. But despite that, that’s why we have all loved them and showed them respect and appreciation for.

To sum up, this is an honourable return, an album that many coult try creating but only Count Raven could give it this form of presentation. Most of us prefer their first godly singer and wanted him back. But Dan Fondelius is the true leader of this band and proves it in the best way he can. For all of you dreaming that Ozzy could make another record with Black Sabbath, for those who pray in the name of Saint Vitus or Pentagram, for those who like their metal slow and true and for those who are tired of the recycle of what once was old trying to become new, this album is the perfect healing to all your problems. May God be with them and make them last for more than this album.

Track List Line Up
01. The Poltergeist
02. Scream
03. Nashira
04. The Entity
05. Mammons War
06. A Lifetime
07. To Kill a Child
08. To Love, Wherever You Are
09. Magic Is…
10. Seven Days
11. Increasing Deserts
Dan Fondelius: Guitar, Vocals, Keyboards, String arr.
Fredrik Jansson: Bass, Djembe, Percussion
Jens Bock: Drums