As long as I remember I present myself as a Death Metaller. And I am very proud of it for a lot of reasons. The most important one is because with this kind of Metal you can experiment and still you can say that this is brutal. And there’s always a difficulty to review such bands and I find myself in a very awkward moment to do so.

Of course there is no Death Metaller in Greece at the age of 30 that doesn’t know this band called Obsecration. And I believe that most of them – including me – are proud for them being from Greece. Among other bands Obsecration hold a significant place in the scene of Greek Death Metal.

With their latest release called “The Art Of Butchery” we have this attempt of experiment. The result is getting me really pondered. In the CD you can listen to the typical blast beats that are essential to music such as Obsecration’s, but you can also listen to a lot of mid-tempo riffs and bridges. The atmosphere from the moment you got the CD in your hands to the time during the listening is really getting sicker and sicker. The element that doesn’t fit at all in the whole sick concept of their album is the keyboards. It is something new yet the orchestration arrangements are really poor. The sounds of them are more appropriate to a Black Metal band. To speak the whole truth there were moments that really got me tripping. Then after a few seconds the speed was lifting up and I was troubled realizing that I was listening to an Obsecration’s album. The only song that leaves you speechless from the accuracy of the experimental process is “Oblivious…To Ritual”. Although I admit it is not running for any prize of ingenuity.

The thing that I honestly admire them is their passion. And there’s nothing else that can assure you for this except the screams of Costas “Dead”. This guy surely puts a hundred percent on Obsecration’s CDs. How can’t he as he is the leader and the soul of the band. At last I feel I must put down the greatest moments of the CD such as “Lamb To The Blasphemy” and the two parts of Hyperborea – “The Serenity Of The Crystallized Sentiments” and “Battle Against The Nightmarish Nothing”.

The butchers are back…

Track List Line Up
01. Lamb To The Blasphemy
02. Chronicles Of Sadism
03. The Art Of Butchery
04. Our Terminal Fate (The Inheritors Of Pain Prt. VI)
05. Sadness Contemplates One’s Past Life (The Atonement A.D.2009)
06. Oblivious…To Ritual
07. The Temple Of Red Erebus
08. The serenity Of Crystallized Sentiments (Hyperborea Prt. I)
09. Battle Against The Nightmarish Nothing (Hyperborea Prt. II)
Costas “Dead” V. – Vocals
Alex K. – Drums
Chris A. – Rhythm Guitar
Jim Ch. – Bass Guitar
Alex Z. – Lead Guitar
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