The Danish band Anubis Gate has been around for a while and have released some excellent albums, but have flown under the radar. They’ve switched labels, and hope to have a higher profile with their fifth self-titled full-length. In addition to a new label, the progressive/power metal band has also a new vocalist. Jacob Hansen, also an in-demand producer, stepped down and was replaced by the band’s bassist Henrik Fevre. Hansen did stay on as the album’s producer.

Anubis Gate do a nice job in terms of diversity. They have the requisite long songs prevalent in the genre, but also shorter songs like “River.” I like how they transit between moods, such as “World In A Dome,” which sometimes has a darker, ominous vibe, then lightens up. “Desiderio Omnibus” has a super heavy beginning, then dials it back a bit while still having some crunch.

Anubis Gate don’t lose a step with Fevre on vocals. His voice is strong and emotional, and although he sings mainly in a middle range, he has no problem hitting the higher notes when necessary. The guitar work on the album is also nominal, with Kim Olesen and Jesper Jensen supplying a wide and effective range of riffs, fills and solos.

Being released on the same day as albums from much more well-known progressive bands like Dream Theater and Arch/Matheos (which is basically Fates Warning with former vocalist John Arch returning on vocals), Anubis Gate is in danger of being lost in the shuffle. That’s a shame, because it is definitely on par with the aforementioned releases, and some would say it’s superior. There are riffs to satisfy fans of Arch Enemy, In Flames, and Nevermore without becoming just a sum of their parts.

To put it simply, this is an impossibly grand effort that only enemies of melody could justifiably dislike this album . ”Anubis gate is an excellent job from the band that has many to give in your fans of music

Track List Line Up
01. Hold Back Tomorrow
02. The Re-Formation Show
03. Facing Dawn
04. World in a Dome
05. Desiderio Omnibus
06. Oh My Precious Life
07. Golden Days
8. Telltale Eyes
09. River
10. Circumstanced
orten Sørensen – Drums
Jesper M. Jensen – Guitars, Keyboards
Henrik Fevre – Bass, Vocals, Keyboards
Kim Olesen – Guitars, Keyboards