There are many talents in the music industry but few of them managed to make something special. Such a case is also Stephan Forte. For those who don’t know though they must, he is a guitar talent from France who excels in the progressive – neo classical metal band Adagio and the melodic- progressive band Red Circuit. Forte first drew attention to his way with his first instrumental demo in 1997 and gathered the notice of the guitar community. The following year saw him opening for Yngwie Malmsteen and all the sponsors endorsements and industry paid attention to him. After some very good albums with Adagio and Red Circuit, he finds a little time to create his first instrumental personal album which is called ”The Shadows Compendium”.

In the past he had created a demo and a dvd , but the time for real music has come. His guitar style is well known, so listeners understand what it’s going to be, there are eight songs full of technique   ,speedy  riffs, neo classical scales ,fast solos and great compositions and ideas too. In the album of course we have many guest musicians too. Like Jeff Loomis (solo, ex-Nevermore), Franck Hermanny( Adagio), Mattias IA Eklundh, Glen Drover(solo, Eidolon, ex-Megadeth), Derek Taylor (solo) and Dannile Gottardo (solo). Despite the fact that the album is an instrumental one, the tracks are all different from each other so we can also hear the highly training of Stephan Forte from the speed shredding guitars up to classic music.

From the opening tittle track you can feel the dark atmosphere that is evolved to a great shredding song from which you can’t surely understand if the solos are playing by Forte or Loomis. The album is configured so it’s not going to tire the listener but make him feel the climate and the atmosphere for each second of the album. In the song “Spiritual Bliss”, which in my opinion is the best of the album, we can also hear the feeling of Forte’s guitar which turns out with a magic way and also he seems to love Jason Becker and Marty Friedman. Also a great one is “De Praestigiis Daemonum” which I’m pretty sure that if you will hear the intro of this song, you will say “HOLY FUCK WHAT AN INTRO” and finally the “Improvisation On Sonata No.14,C# Minor”, where it seems so perfect on Beethovens moonlight sonata. The album sums up all that is great about the guitar as an instrument and how it can make you feel, and of course shows that Forte is an absolute master in his craft.

Track List Line Up
01. The Shadows Compendium
02. De Praestugiis Daemonum
03. Spiritual Centruroides
04. Duat
05. Sorrowful Centruroides
06. Prophecies Of Loki XXI
07. I Think There s  Someone In The Kitchen
08. Improvisation On Sonata No.14, C# minor –Op 27,No2
Stephan Forte – Guitars
Franck Hermanny – Bass
Kevin Codfert – Keyboards – Piano – Drum Programming