OSI, the minimal progressive side project of two unique and similtaneously briliant music geniuses, Jim Matheos (Fates Warning) and Kevin Moore (Chroma key/ ex-Dream Theater), make their fourth element surface, and along with long term session drummer Gavin Harisson (Porcupine Tree/ King Crimson) “Fire Make(s) Thunder” as the title simply implies. Does it?

First of all, I will take a few lines of this review to say a few words about the examplary production you will all have the pleasure of hearing once you deside to listen to this album. This is really an ultra bright, extra heavy, super tight and beautifully balanced sounding record. Meanwhile, it sounds so familiar to the OSI’s previous releases, in terms of production, I can say it’s way far more chilling and crystally defining as long as the overall instruments have their space in this huge wall of sound that comes out from the speakers. As for the usual electronic elements and samples that happen to be part of OSI’s magical music, they are placed perfect in the mix as well, giving the sense of another instrument rather than the cold computer sound of digital procedure..And that’s a truly different approach and a great achivement.

Musically, “FMT” does not stray from their previous releases. The minimal musical loops and their multi layer platforms, of one music theme stepping above another one is present. The acoustic elements and the excellent easy memorable HEAVY riffs, here and there make this record their heaviest one since their debut. If I am not mistaken I heard some 7 string sounding ones here and there, and that tells a lot about the heaviness of it. Jim’s sound on guitar and bass, really will make you fear how huge can one bass and one guitar be when you will hear the riffs in here. As for Kevin’s eccentric way of singing, I could say that on “FMT” he might have made his best performance so far. Finally, Gavin’s playing makes these music ideas sound even more interesting and appealing and their multi metronome sharp metres sound so easy and “healty” proggy as never before.AMAZING!

I can’t really tell, what is this thing they have introduced to their music, that makes it sound so dark and solitary. OSI’s music has this strong sense that its incomplete somehow, in the sense that you want more, but after a few listening sessions you always notice that everything is so well balanced to the final detail, that doesn’t let you go off of it. Melodies and tunes that plant within the subconsious sector of the human mind. I’m not exaggerating. This might be the Progressive Metal release of the year- at least so far is for me for sure-. Make yourselves the favour and endulge.
The duet made “Fire Make Thunder” without any visitors or let’s say guests, and I think this is their best one so far…