The 11th Hour were formed a couple of years ago by Ed Wardy (formerly known for his work as a drummer for Arjen Lucassen’s Ayreon etc.) and on their debut “Burden Of Grief” back in year 2009 Ed had the complete artistic direction, and responsibility, as he played everything in there and composed everything in there as well. Things though, changed around 2010 when this solo project, embraced a few friends and actually became a full member band. So, this is “The 11th hour”’s first album as a full member band with everything this might carry alongside.

Balancing though muddy doom riffs and ethereal keyboards through gutteral growls and high pitched vocal performances “Lacrima Mortis” sets the soundscape from opening track ” We All Die Alone”. Heavy doom death metal in the likes of My Dying Bride meets Mourning Beloveth meets Solitude Aeturnus meets Candlemass under the close look to bands such as Theater Of tragedy/ The Provenance, although not so lyrical and ethereal. Doomy riffs, doomy tempos, and very well performed sounds that create a familiar death/doom scenary where slime lives eternally utterly can describe the overall sound imagery you’re about to hear in here.

Based on “Burden of grief”’s success I was really with great expectations for this second coming of the Dutch/Swedish band. But I’m afraid it stepped one step below its predecessor. It somehow sounds too ‘noisy’ and many times tiring even for a doom metal listener. After many listening sessions I still find this record strange and boring. Its high quality standards make me feel to give them a number above average, but I’m afraid there’s nothing special in here.

Contrary to debut “Burden of Grief” who had been excellent this one just does not do the work well…