Daylight Dies come from the U.S. of America for those who are not aware of their existence, and for sure they ain’t no newcomers. They are not of these consuming- sound bands of their genre, which is dark and melancholic PURE doom/death metal. On the contrary, they have been showing some interesting upward in their past releases (already counting three full lengths). “A Frail Becoming” has been in the making for some years now and it really worth the wait. Let’s see why..

On “A Frail Becoming” one can and will find nine fresh and  unique sounding songs that are full of melodies and massive rhythms combined with a variety of vocal approaches. From high-pitched black metal screams to death metal low-ends, to melodic clean or even spoken. Everything well placed to fit their lyrics’  meanings which cannot be described as their happiest element, if there is anything happy about their music at all….

Their music balances precisely between epicolyrical riffs and melancholic acoustic guitars with many layers and leads that create an ultimately grey vision in front of the audience. Quite impressive and mentionable new element would be the extended usage of guitar solos throughout the entire album, something that didn’t actually play that big part in their previous releases. Their doom/ death metal music can be described as rather “fast” mostly because of the work done by mastermind drummer Jesse Haff.

Production-wise, as did their previous releases, this one is also examplary. Beautifully clean and breathing, with nothing left unheard. Modern but also much “to the roots” almost as their music it grabs the audience by the banging head!!!

Daylight Dies is one of those bands that none can’t explain why the hell they are not the kings of a genre that has lost his grandmasters. With elements coming from My Dying Bride to the strangely resemblance to old Opeth, these guys have been top quality and faithfull to what they do all these years. Looking even higher to every aspect of their presence, this is the most beautiful atmospheric death metal album of 2012 without any doubt. Do not miss this epic album…

Track List Line Up
01. Infidel
02. The Pale Approach
03. Sunset
04. Dreaming Of Breathing
05. A Final Vestige
06. Ghosting
07. Hold On To Nothing
08. Water’s Edge
09. An Heir To Emptiness
Nathan Ellis – Vocals
Barre Gambling – Guitars
Charley Shackelford – Guitars
Egan O’Rourke – Bass/Vocals
Jesse Haff – Drums