For some time now I realized Canada has been the birthplace of amazing band, from soft progressive rockers to badass heavy loud sweaty motherf*****s. And for the second list  Sons of Otis are undoubtly in the list! After a loud Exiled, the company from company from Toronto releases another monolith straight from the cold breeze of Canada.

Seismic the name of this one and the title definitely match the sound, the first tremors coming from Far From Fine. A five-minute heavy introduction starting by the doomy swamp vocals of Ken Baluke, followed by a massive heavy riff, the first signs are clear; you must find cover and shelter.

Quickly followed by a cooling down of Lessons in which the bass take control over the doom atmosphere. Towards the end of the track the tripping  sound is more present and spacey, only to pull you down in Alone, a swampy interlude before the second tremors slowly coming back.

Like a second hitting wave Guilt may have a heavy and strong impact, but I think is less appreciated than the other tracks of the album. Too simple in a kind of way and boring. Totally not the case of PK! This track gives you the impressions of falling into a hole but in the same time flying in outer space. The rhythmic spine of Frank Sargeant and Ryan Aubin is giving the foundation in which Baluke builds amazing guitar passages. Clearly the jewel of the album.

And to make a triumphal exit Never In My Life has a more light and stoner air. This track is completely out of the whole album but in a positive and relaxing way. The vocals reminding Lemmy, you could label this song as a forgotten song in the transaction between Hawkwind and Motorhead. Cosmic Jam only take over after the devastation of PK. I think if this one was placed after PK we could have casualties.

This band knows how to rock and their doing in every aspect and that’s what we enjoy most about them. From every track played in this album, a kaleidoscope of music and notes generates a variation of doom/sludge and space/stoner.

The seism is gone leaving behind ruins of devastated minds, shaken down by heavy low bass notes, drum blasts and guitar aftermath tremors. Sons Of Otis has a great presence in this music genre for many years (since 1994) and with Seismic they make it alive and kicking!

Track List Line Up
01. Far From Fine
02. Lessons
03. Alone
04. Guilt
05. PK
06. Never In My Life
07. Cosmic Jam
Ken Baluke – Guitars, Vocals
Frank Sargeant – Bass
Ryan Aubin – Drums