Waylander come from Northern Ireland and everyone out there should now one thing for sure about them…They are a fucking great folk metal band!!!Being aware of their previous releases and their paths so far I have to say that “Kindred Spirits” really blew my ears away and offered me plenty beautiful headbanging moments like none of the recent releases this particular genre has offered me…

First of all, and really impressive comes their sound!!!Full on metal, aggressive and fast as hell! Great production and a slight new character for a band I’ve matched as the ultimate example of folk/celtic/black metal with all its cliches that really have been far beyond presence for “Kindred Spirits”.

Steping with one foot upon the glory records of Skyclad’s folkish approach and the other to their county’s black metal roots (early Primordial), Waylander have become throughout the years the leading band of this genre or I should place them to the hidden diamond that should be the superstars in place of Eluvietie or Korpiklaani that are considered as folk metal’s strongest bands at this moment in time.

Simple songwriting, direct and quite melodic with many hooks and a fast character beyond expectation. Lyrics spit out like fires and cold winter nights and cold “ready for war” guitar themes! Really impressive! As for the lyrics’ themes there comes the classic Waylander themes- Irish and celtic tales and stories- and believe me none tells them this way! Their acoustic passages and whistles really placed strategically and letting the album breathe…Excellent!!!

Black metal with folk/celtic metal elements or the other way round? Well, let me just say something to everyone out there…Tags are bullshit!!! “Kindred Spirits” is an album with great balls and stands above any other release of this genre for year 2012!!!Listen it for sure!!!

Track List Line Up
01. Echoes Of The Sidhe
02. Lámh Dearg
03. Twin Fires Of Beltíne
04. Of Fear And Fury
05. Grave Of Giants
06. A Path Well Trodden
07. Quest For Immortality
08. Erdath
09. Kindred Spirits
ArdChieftain O’Hagan – Vocals
Saul McMichael – Guitars
Michael Proctor – Bass
Den Ferran – Drums
Dave Briggs – Tin whistle, Greek Bouzouki, Mandolin and Bodhrán
Tor Dennison – Guitars