HELRUNAR strike back after 4 years off their latest album “Sól”. This time the German black metallers follow a more doomy approach to their music; lower compositions, still comprising of black metal riffing but now heavier and more towards doom theme.

Not fast tracks as in their debut “Frostnacht” or melodic tunes as in the previous album (“Sól”) ; in this album, bleakness prevails along with atmospheric passages and choruses sung by choirs (as in the opening track “Niederkunfft”.  Heavy atmospheres with stiff and down-tempo guitar riffing follow the listener from the beginning to the end.

A captivating heavy/doom intro opens the curtains to a slow trip while “Der Endkrist” stands more melodic and at the same time faster and stronger. “Totentanz” is also composed in the slow sinister approach but at the same time enriched with faster paced additions. “Devils, Devils Everywhere!” has English lyrics; it starts off fast but rapidly consumed by monotonous evil tunes.“Magdeburg Brennt” brings no surprises or new elements to the wholeness of the album maintaining the consistency of monotony and slow paces mostly lacking melody in the strict sense of the word. The last two songs (“Die KirchistUmgekehret”, “The Hiebner Prophecy”) along with the shortest track of the album (“GrimmigTod”) shape a very ritualistic and inner-directed aura for the listener. Along with this aura, black metal melodies appear to close the curtains in the end of the album.

“Niederkunfft”is not based on melodic compositions (doom or black metal ones) but on grimness, heaviness of sounds, doomy atmosphere and Marcel Dreckmann’s stiff vocals. The lyrics sung in German bring about a more firm and evil undertone to the music while contributing to the more sinister side of HELRUNAR and of “Niederkunfft”. Generally, a very appealing release to the fans of doom and black sounds surrounded by a bleak veil; fans of HELRUNAR would miss some melodies but still remain satisfied with their latest creation.

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