Sweden is one of the most productive countries in the music industry. Especially in the metal music the bands are countless. And I must confess that many of them are my favorites. That is true and furthermore I do find myself to listen to bands just because they are from Sweden.

The Project Hate MCMXCIX is one band I had discovered many years before and I really loved the industrial blasphemy they create from the very beginning. The fact that they self release their last 6 CDs since 2005, made me admire them even more. The unfortunate occurrence is that their final release of “The Cadaverous Retaliation” won’t stay long enough in my CD player. The reasons are many to love this album. But then it is just one that could make you hate it. The duration of this CD is too long.

So musically we have the same great industrial death metal that The Project Hate have offered us since 2000. And what they do, it is still 100 % true and blaspheme. And that is guaranteed by the fact that this is a band of Lord K. Philipson and Jörgen Sandström.

And again in music terms we have the best involving around this album. Many guest musicians helped the building of this. Among them we have the contribution of “Lasse” Johansson (not needing any recommendations) and Danny Tunker (previously joined Aborted) on lead guitars and Peter Dolving on the vocals. The ideas and riffs sound distorted as hell; exactly what is expected from an industrial band. The bass – also distorted – on the other hand seems a lot of boosted to satisfy all the bass lovers. In addition it is used actually as another instrument by Lord K.

The samples couldn’t be absent as The Project Hate MCMXCIX are into industrial from the very start. We have introductory instrumental tracks before each song, which counts the numbers from 601 to 666. There the programming and sample sounds are the main tools, but without being absent from the rest of the “The Cadaverous Retaliation Agenda”.

The vocals responsibilities are separated between Jörgen Sandström and Ruby Roque. And these two blend their voices beautifully. The death metal growls and the melodic female vocals are in an everlasting conversation, which really captures the ears of any listener.

If someone would lie his eyes upon the rating alone will think that this is just another album in the raff of releases. That is not true. The musicianship on this CD is more than great. The production is clear and distorted at the same time. The capacity of the musicians is unquestionable, and it is pulling the music near into progressive paths. The truth is that I personally get bored by the length of the songs. The shortest song – “Welcome The Judas Agenda” – has a duration more than 9 minutes. And it is an instrumental (!).

The highlight for me is the 11 minute epic “Carving Out The Tongues Which Speak Of Salvation”. So enter the world of The Project Hate MCMXCIX, a world of blasphemy, only if you dare.

Track List Line Up
02. I Feed You Th Flesh Of Your Poisonous Christ
04. We Watch In Silence As The Earth Turns To Blood
06. Conquering The Throne Of The Cadaverous
08. The Great Retaliation Is Upon Them
10. Carving Out The Tongues Which Speak Of Salvation
12. Welcome The Judas Agenda
Jörgen Sandström – Vocals
Lord K. Philipson – Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Programming, Vocals (Backing)
Tobias Gustafsson – Guitars (Acoustic)
Ruby Roque – Vocals (Female)