[colored_box color=”grey”]Rating: 8
Label: LifeForce Records
Website: Link
Author: Andrew Koran[/colored_box]

Every now and then, an amazing band surfaces from its underground status with a killer album and breaks the boundaries of blissfully technical death metal with easy-to-listen-to commercial appeal. Sons of Aeon although, have come up with a gem. Their self-titled first full length was quite an extrordinare experience for me, with its relentless drumming and its incredible guitar work.

Faceless” was the perfect opener cause it’s the kind of track that convinced me to listen to the rest of the album. What I came about, in the rest of the album, was a track by track demonstration of the band’s insane melodic lines and song-building!

The production is simple, but very effective with the guitars in particular culminating with its thick, deep sound. Despite the vastness and modern production, each song flows like a river. Or let’s put it some other way…It sounds more like a wave crushing to a lighthouse (as the ones on their beautiful cover)! It’s chilling and refreshing!

I was surprised with “The Centre” and its beautiful acoustic intro followed by an atmospheric and beautiful constant crescendo!

Sons of Aeon’s music for some reason sounds and seems to be ready for the top category of the Masters of Metal! All in all, this is a spectacular album. I hope the band gets everything they deserve I recommend this album to all metalheads out there. These guys are some kind of the future looking bright for our music! METAL TO ALL!

Track List Line Up
01. Faceless
02. Cold Waves
03. Burden
04. Enemy of the Souls
05. The Centre
06. Havoc & Catharsis
07. Weakness
08. Seeds of Destruction
09. Wolf Eyes
10. Black Sheep Process
Tommi Kiviniemi – Bass
Pasi Pasanen – Drums
Wille Naukkarinen – Guitars
Tapio Vartiainen -Guitars
Tony Kaikkonen – Vocals