One of the well-known names in the field of doom metal is the Swedish-originated band, GRIFTEGÅRD (meaning “cemetery” or “burial ground” in the old Swedish language). For someone who hasn’t listened to what these guys have to offer, the name along with their doom introductory profile would certainly give a solid idea.

It has to be mentioned that GRIFTEGÅRD share two members with YEAR OF THE GOAT – the vocalist Thomas Eriksson and the newly added drummer Fredrik Hellerström. The former drummer Jens Gustafsson, also having played in YEAR OF THE GOAT, unfortunately died two years ago.

One and only full length album released in 2009 “Solemn • Sacred • Severe” and since then, two split releases and this  fresh EP coming out this year from Van Records. Starting with a cover song from APHRODITE’s CHILD famous album “666”, the track “The Four Horsemen” which gave the title to this release. The cover song is a gloomy approach to the original with a lot of emotion invested into it; GRIFTEGÅRD gave it a personal, unique and surely majestic touch transferring their atmosphere to it but I, personally, have the feeling that something is missing.

The second song of the EP “A Beam in the Eye of the Lord”, is a typical heavy and profound GRIFTEGÅRD creation; atmospheric, slow and highly melodic tunes in the guitars. Thomas’ vocals are as deep and heart-felt as expected.

Overall, I would certainly recommend this EP to the followers of the slow sound but there is nothing surprising to be expected. 16 minutes of Swedish melancholy and heaviness is an enjoyment ready to be unveiled.

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