We are pretty used to project bands with members from various bands discarding genre, and RITUAL KILLER is one of them. The band consisted of GOATWHORE’s current bassist James Harvey and former drummer Zak Nolan. On guitars/bass the charismatic Sammy Pier Duet while on vocals is Jordan Barlow.

RITUAL KILLER just signed with Season of Mist giving us a excellent example of blackened death thrash/punk music that is heavy as hell! Eight tracks that last less than thirty minutes all together, of total annihilation and destruction reminding old school HELLHAMMER, VENOM and SARCOFACO. The production of the album is pretty clear and you can hear everything  perfectly. Musicwise, “Exterminance” is dark, dirty, violent extreme and insane the same time. It’s like hell opened a gate and these guys emerged vomiting  curses of eternal darkness and destruction!

The vocals change variously from dark and screaming to groaning and moaning like a possessed mental patient which adds up to the band’s awesome performance and power. Badass blasting drums, scratching guitars, crust punk bass playing put them all together and you have RITUAL KILLER’S debut album. It’s nice to hear new bands play that old school sound we’ve all come to worship all over the years and made us  headbang  till we damage all our neck  bones!

The opening track “Bury the Earth Bury the Sky” grabs you from the neck and throws you to an endless mosh pit till the last track ‘’Passing of Creation’’. No clean vocals no acoustic guitars, just total chaos. Third track ‘’through feral eyes’’ is an absolute killer grindcore punk track that anyone can relate discarding what music genre you hear.”Dogs, Wolves And Carrion Fowl” comes next with no delay and no choice but be amazed from the power and fury it creates. Fifth one “Cuntious” is probably my favorite reminds me of old BEHERIT/MAYHEM stuff. Seventh track “Cripling Beast” is a chainsaw ripping corpses ,these guys don’t fool around, they spit  and vomit on false metal and I suppose many bands will sit in the corner after this… Don’t forget your milk…

“Exterminance” is an obliterating album full of power and insanity; all tracks are recorded by the standards of Norwegian black metal pioneers such as DARKTHRONE but embrace fresh sounds to the used cult lines.

RITUAL KILLER made a killer debut album, we hope to hear more from them soon and this is the part I have reset my list for the best albums this year…fuck!

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