It has been 3 years since the last album “A Legacy of Evil” and everyone though that after Morfeus left the band at 2009 Limbonic Art will freeze again and maybe this time would passed away in the history. At 2003 they just needed a break as they assumed because they did not have any ideas to pass to the fans. But this time was different. Daemon left alone and all the fans though that this is really the end. One year after at 2010 there were rumors that Daemon has new staff, new songs and is ready to release a new Limbonic Art album all alone. These rumors became reality and at the start of July Daemon publish that Limbonic art was ready for a new release.

The new album called “Phantasmagoria” came to wake up the fans of the band and also to attract new fans. Daemon plays all the instruments. The drums are still through program and not real as in the past albums. The new album released at 19th of July.

Starting from the first song Prologue / Phantasmagoria, it’s a mix of intro and the 1st song together. You could really understand that this album continues the last one “A Legacy of Evil”. The 2nd and the 3rd songs Crypt of Bereavement and Curse of the Necromancer came to prove this though. Especially the 3rd one starts with an awesome thrash riff before the black riffs and the keyboards come to blow your mind. Songs like A Cosmic Funeral of Memories and A Void of Lifeless Dreams from the last album came to your mind. For the old fans of Limbonic Art that probably disappointed a bit from the last album of 2007 “A Legacy of Evil” is really difficult to understand and feel that they will not listen again ambient melodies through keyboards as intro of many songs or in the middle of the songs. This feeling has really just disappeared. This album is much more heavy but still can makes you dreaming that you are traveling in the space. Furthermore the next 3 songs are really what Daemon want to pass to the new and the old fans. At 5th song Dark Winds the rhythm is slow in difference with the other songs. This is what Limbonic Art is nowadays.

As I said before much more heavy, and the keyboards used in the background of the songs this time. These new ideas of Daemon are really awesome and I am sure that the both old and new fans will love the new album. The 9th and the 10th songs Prophetic Dreams and The Burning Vortex are pure black metal and maybe the most heavy of the entire album. The mix with the keyboards at background is really awesome and the head banging in on the way! At 11th song A Black Sphere of Serenity the rhythm is also slow as it was at Dark Winds but the feeling is still the same. The atmospheric from the keyboards is so nice that makes you dreaming a lot of things. Finally the last song is perhaps the only one which can reminds you the old Limbonic Art staff. The intro of the song is amazing and when guitars and vocals get in the song I cannot describe you the feeling. A lot of thing passes through your mind and through the planets of the universe. Situations that you have been in the past or bad memories from some persons that you really loved.

I think is a good opportunity for someone that have not listened to black metal before to start listen from the album and from Limbonic Art. A big thank to Daemon that Limbonic Art are still alive even if he is alone now.

Track List Line Up
01. Prologue Phantasmagoria
02. Crypt of Bereavement
03. Curse of the Necromancer
04. Portal to the Unknown
05. Dark Winds
06. A World in Pandemonium
07. Flight of The Minds Eye
08. Apocalyptic Manifestation
09. Prophetic Dreams
10. The Burning Vortex
11. A Black Sphere of Serenity
12. Astral Projection
Vidar Jensen (Daemon)