I’ve always been a fan of the Swedish death metal scene, especially the Gothenburg sound. From my first “contact” with At The Gates, In Flames (the early days) and Dark Tranquility, I found myself the most beloved sound according to my ears and heart. Edged guitars, with fast drumming and tremendous but sometimes, melancholic or pessimistic, if you prefer, riffs and of course the unique lyrics! Is there anything not to love in this kind of music damn it?

I can’t actually describe how long I have to hear a descent and old fashion Swedish death metal album, and that’s what THIS ENDING are doing with their third album “Garden Of Death”. After an absence, of four years and seven years for a full length album, they delivered a powerful and inspired album of pure death metal holocaust.

I find “Garden Of Death” a bit addictive. You will not hear clean vocals or metalcore breaks nor even trendy, cheerful choruses. No shorts wearing and jumping around human figures! Only cut through riffs baptised in the name of Swedish death metal and sometimes emerging with a colossal black metal feeling. Powerful drumming from Fredrik Andersson (ex-Amon Amarth) and a Marten Hansen doing a hellish work behind the microphone.

I loved “Blackened Shrine” with that crawling riff and the AT THE GATES gradual song building, “Boundaries Of Hell”and its combination of blast-beats and fit riffing, “Victims”, for the apocalyptic feeling that is pouring out, “World Of Nightmares” that makes me headbang like a teenager and “Chaos Within” for being the easiest listening song of the album, but with an amazing feeling.

So, yes, “Garden of Death” was worth the wait. THIS ENDING, delivered a tremendous and massive Swedish death metal album. A sound, I almost forgot it existed, after all those years of musical exploration and experiment from the original Gothenburg bands. This album must be played only on repeat. Enjoy!

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