For those who not familiar with THE VISION BLEAK, a small introduction needs to be made. They come from Bavaria, Germany and have been active for fifteen years now. Schwadorf, is the person behind EMPYRIUM, and also a member of EUDAIMONY, among others.

Eighteen minutes of new music before the latest album “The Unknown” launches, make “The Kindred Of The Sunset” EP a great ‘present’, for all those waiting for the new material. Post-punk rhythms and gothic vocals begin as “The Kindred of the Sunset” is on your speakers; it is vivid and kicks up the tempo a notch, welcoming us in another story told by THE VISION BLEAK.

And as the story has already begun being narrated, next act in line is “The Whine of the Cemetery Hound”, which is full of ghostly atmosphere and telltales of the dead, send chills down the listener’s spine. The theatricality is impeccable, but the song itself is without surprises. “The Sleeping Beauty”, is a cover of the well-known TIAMAT song off “Clouds” album, which also tells an eerie but optimistic story. Closing the EP, the instrumental “Purification Afterglow”, sends some notes of peacefulness, after the theatrical ‘play’ is over. Melodic yet nostalgic, ideal for the closing curtains.

THE VISION BLEAK are great in narration, building up theatrical atmospheres and creating dramatic scenes, both lyrically and musically. For that, they know how to do it well and “The Kindred of the Sunset” EP is an example of this success.

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