“Paralyzed”, the new video from German metallers CALIBAN, can be seen above. The song is taken from the band’s new album, “Gravity”, which will be released on March 25 via Century Media.

Produced by Benny Richter and guitarist Marc Görtz, as well as co-produced by Marcel Neumann, “Gravity” was recorded at Görtz‘s Nemesis Studio by the guitarist himself who mixed the album together with Klaus Scheuermann.

CALIBAN singer Andreas Dörner told Spain’s Made In Metal about the making of “Gravity”: “The recording process was like always. Marc started collecting ideas around April [2015] and worked everything out with our producer Benny Richter. I was collecting ideas for the lyrics as well and in the end we put all together.. When we started recording, we changed some parts, wrote new lyric lines and so on… the usual work during the recording process in the studio. It was very important for us, that everything’s perfect. Sometimes it was exhausting, but it also made a lot of fun!”

He added: “It would be boring to say, ‘It’s our best album, best production, best everything and so on,’ but we put a lot of energy, sweat and lifeblood in it and we are very happy with the result, the sound and songs of ‘Gravity’. The songs are very powerful, aggressive, dark and on top they come with some nice melodies… but it’s up to you if you’ll like it or not!”