One of the fastest guitar shredders worldwide, Michael Angelo Batio, is coming to Greece for two live shows promising a 101% performance of pure heavy metal. This is a great chance for Metalpaths to catch up with him and have a short chat about various subjects.

It’s been 2 years since the release of your latest release “Intermezzo”. Did this album meet your expectations?


Yes, I feel it is the best album I have ever created and I’m very proud of it.

You have claimed that “Intermezzo” is the heaviest album released to date. How would you define the term of heavy metal and what makes “Intermezzo” the heaviest record in your opinion?

I used a 7 string guitar for the 1st time on this record. I believe this is what makes this album the heaviest of all.

When should we expect your new album? Do you have any plans for a new release in the near future?

I have a “best of” MAB album coming out this March via Rat Pak Records.

Going back in time, would you like to tell us a few things about your childhood? At what age you started playing guitar?

I started playing piano earlier than guitar at the age of 5. I started playing guitar at 10.

Your tone is something every guitarist is jealous of. What is your whole setup in live conditions?

A lot of mid range man!

michael-angelo-4How did you come up with the concept of two/four necked guitars?

I wanted to be different and then the idea of the two/four necked guitars came in my mind and I thought it would be nice to try it. That’s how I came up with it. I have an engineer’s mind and I can create more than music.

In February you are coming to Greece for two concerts in Athens and Thessaloniki. What should the fans expect in your shows?

I love performing in Greece! I will give the fans 110%!

And what’s next for you? What are your future plans?

I have a new album, a new instructional dvd, new Dean signature guitars and over100 shows scheduled around the world in 2015. I love it!

Thank you a bunch for this interview Angelo. The last words are yours…

I am really looking forward to the shows in Greece! Thanks!