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The Silent Rage – Important news concerning the band

We present you the official press release from the band concerning their future: Dear friends, It’s been a while since you haven’t heard any news from us so here are some. We are honored to announce that the band is going to enter at the 25th of August the well known DevasoundZ Studios in Athens, Greece. The studio where bands like SepticFlesh, Rotting Christ, Karma Violens, Endsight, among others have recorded their albums, is going to be our home for an approximately two month period. Fotis Benardo (SepticFlesh, SiXforNinE) is going to be the one who will take care of the recording procedure, the mixing and the mastering. Also, some very special guests are going to participate on the album. The album title hasn’t been finalized yet. There’s going to be eleven songs featured out of the total thirteen songs that we’re going to record. This is also the next step to the musical direction of the band, with the songs being in a more aggressive mode that what you have been used to know from us in the past. Some titles are: “Stormwarrior”, “The Deadliest Scourge”, “Sin Of A Pilgrim”, “Between Harmony & Sorrow”. Also, during the recordings we’re going to take a small pause for a special show. We’re more than proud to announce our participation as an opening act to the upcoming Athens show of Grave Digger, on September 19th, at Kyttaro Live. It’s really great to share the stage with them once again, three years since the last time. Stay tuned for more updates!

MISFITS’ JERRY ONLY Says GLENN DANZIG’s Lawsuit Is ‘A Sour-Grapes Tantrum Based On Outrageous Allegations’

MISFITS founding member Jerry Only has fired back at original MISFITS frontman Glenn Danzig, calling the singer's recent lawsuit against the band "nothing more than a calculated attempt to unfairly and improperly enrich himself from revenue streams to which he is not entitled." Glenn filed a lawsuit last month in which he claimed Jerry registered trademarks for everything MISFITS-related in 2000 behind Danzig's back, misappropriating exclusive ownership over the marks for himself, including the band's iconic "Fiend Skull" logo. By doing so, Danzig claims Jerry violated a 1994 contract, in which Danzig, Jerry and others agreed to share ownership of the MISFITS trademarks for merchandising purposes. After registering the trademarks, Danzig alleges Jerry then secretly entered into deals with various merchandisers and cut Danzig out of any potential profits in the process. Only has released the following statement to regarding Danzig's lawsuit: "In 1995, MISFITS founding member Jerry Only secured the exclusive legal right to tour and record as the MISFITS, and, in accordance with those legal rights, launched a licensing program through Cyclopian Music. At the same time, Glenn Anzalone — professionally known as Glenn Danzig (former co-founder and MISFITS vocalist circa 1977 to 1983) — made clear that he wanted no public association with the MISFITS or Cyclopian Music's business endeavors. "Despite full knowledge of Cyclopian Music's use of the MISFITS' name and logos for decades, Glenn Danzig curiously filed a lawsuit on April 3rd, 2014 seeking a portion of the proceeds from Cyclopian Music's activities with which he has had no involvement whatsoever. Danzig's lawsuit can only be described as a sour-grapes tantrum based on outrageous allegations, the majority of which are completely false, while others are ill-conceived and grossly misguided — and will be proven false in court. Reports of Glenn Danzig's lawsuit and the falsehoods within it, however, have resulted in the dissemination of misinformation regarding the nature of Glenn Danzig's baseless claims and Cyclopian Music's rights. "For example, Jerry Only and Cyclopian are under no obligation, legal, contractual or otherwise, to obtain consent, or approvals of any kind, from former member Glenn Danzig in connection with their use of the MISFITS name or logos. Apparently Danzig's own product line doesn't sell as well as he might like, but the fact of the matter remains that Jerry Only and Cyclopian Music's MISFITS licenses, business activity and merchandising endeavors are 100% lawful and consistent with their legal rights. "To be clear, Glenn Danzig has no legal right to, and no interest in, Cyclopian's MISFITS licenses or business ventures period. Danzig's lawsuit is nothing more than a calculated attempt to unfairly and improperly enrich himself from revenue streams to which he is not entitled." The original MISFITS band broke up in 1983, and bassist Jerry Only brought forth a new version of the MISFITS in 1995. Various members have come and gone, but Only, along with BLACK FLAG's Dez Cadena, has kept some form of the MISFITS in the recording studio and on the road for most of the last two decades. After the original MISFITS disbanded, Glenn Danzig went on to form SAMHAIN and then the eponymous DANZIG. Several albums of reissued and previously unreleased material were issued after the group's dissolution, and their music became influential to punk rock, h

RAGE To Pay Tribute To JON LORD At Special Concert

On Friday, May 23, 2014, German power metallers RAGE will take part in a very special event. The band will perform at "Tribute To Jon - Celebrating The Music Of Jon Lord", set to take place at in Bergheim, Germany. Art director for this project will be Martin Doepke, who accompanied Lord live on keyboards. RAGE will be responsible for the rock part of the concert, the "NuMetal Symphony" — orchestra bridging the gap from rock to classic. See the greatest hits from DEEP PURPLE and the "classic" works of Jon Lord in a superb concert. Jon Lord died on July 16, 2012 at age 71 after a long battle with pancreatic cancer. Lord, who was known for his keyboard virtuosity and his reinvention of the Hammond B-3 organ sound, co-wrote such PURPLE classics as "Smoke On The Water" and "Child In Time", among others. Lord and drummer Ian Paice were the only original members to last through the band's initial run from 1968 to 1976. He was on board for their 1984 reunion and stayed on through to his 2002 retirement from the band, after which he's worked primarily in the classical field. Over the course of his career, Lord also worked with the ARTWOODS, FLOWER POT MEN,PAICE, ASHTON AND LORD, WHITESNAKE and good friend and neighbor, George Harrison. In a recent interview with Peter Makowski, METALLICA drummer Lars Ulrich stated aboutJon Lord: "I'm not sure that the people in today's hard rock world really truly understand how innovative this guy was. He wasn't just another keyboard player on the side of the stage. In '66/'67, when Hendrix, Townshend and Ritchie Blackmore were taking the electric guitar to a new level, by using banks of Marshall stacks beefing up the sound, Jon Lord was one of the first guys in hard rock to take the keyboards through the same process. He took a fairly standard instrument like a Hammond organ put it through amplifiers and Leslie cabinets and introduced a whole new way of forcing the sound out of the keyboards. "Ritchie Blackmore said the other day that Jon formed DEEP PURPLE; he was certainly the instigator that made things happen. If not the musical leader, Jon was the spiritual leader of the band. He was a pioneer, and I think that somehow that's gotten a little lost in the last few [months]. People are talking about, obviously, what a gentleman he was and what a fantastic band member but he really did something nobody had done before with the sound of the keyboards and I think that's probably the biggest thing to remember him for."

NIGHTRAGE Rejoined By Singer JIMMIE STRIMELL For Upcoming Shows

Mutinational melodic death metallers NIGHTRAGE have recruited their former singer, Jimmie Strimell (vocals, ENDS WITH A BULLET, ex-DEAD BY APRIL, DEATHDESTRUCTION), and Marcus Rosell (drums; ENDS WITH A BULLET, DORM PATROL) for their upcoming headlining tour of Japan and possible other shows. Says NIGHTRAGE founder/guitarist Marios Iliopoulos: "We want to thank those fine musicians for their willing to help NIGHTRAGE for the time being, and we can´t wait to share the stage with them."

NIGHTRAGE Singer Quits

Singer Antony Hämäläinen (pictured below) has officially left mutinational melodic death metallers NIGHTRAGE. He says: "There is no drama or bad blood. Quite the opposite actually as we all remain great friends. I personally would just like to explore other musical ventures. It's as simple as that." He adds: "I want to thank [NIGHTRAGE founder] Marios Iliopoulos for giving me a chance to play in his band, and write two amazing albums with him. He is one of the most underrated guitar players in the world, and I am sure he will create more amazing music in the years to come. "In other news, [drummer] Johan Nunez and I, have finished recording a new album of total melodic death metal with several of our best friends on board. This is a project we have been working on for a few years now and we can't wait to share it with you. There will be more news on that in the weeks to come so stay tuned!"

Interview: The Silent Rage (Nikos Siglidis)

A few days ago I contacted my good friend Nikos Siglidis guitarist, main composer and leader of The Silent Rage in order to learn about how things are going in the band due to their latest addition of Steve Venardo in the singer’s position, and their upcoming gig on Friday, 28th of June where they will open the show for Stratovarius along with Secret Illusion...

RAGE Members Reveal Details Of LINGUA MORTIS ORCHESTRA Album

On Friday, August 2, LINGUA MORTIS ORCHESTRA will release its new album titled "LMO". During the past month, the three RAGE musicians — Victor Smolski(guitar), Peavy Wagner (vocals and bass) and André Hilgers (drums) — worked at full stretch to finish their opulent orchestral project that can be considered a continuation of 1996's "Lingua Mortis" album, back then a true piece of pioneering work.