Melodic thrash metal. How common is such an expression in the whole metal scene really? Well,believe it or not this is what best describes the music of Pittsburgh originated Crown The Lost. ”Blind Faith Loyalty” is their second album and is more melodic than their first effort ”Reverence Dies Within”.

Musically, everything is correct, as they are very good players and can offer a good variety of sound, not the typical ”double-bass all the time while we smash the hi-hats” thrash style of most bands of the genre. Great vocalist also, he reminded me of the first time i listened to Believer. But they have some Nevermore and even Arch Enemy parts in the music, as well as much progressive parts.

All in all, there is nothing bad in this album. Well, can someone explain to me why i can’t say something better for the band? Instead, i must say that i found it very tiring. Also, some songs are far longer than they should be, this progressive aesthetic of the band does me more harm than good i guess. They deserve your attention for sure, but apart tha fact that i really prefer the first album, if i want to listen to some thrash stuff then this band from Pensylvania won’t be my fisrt choice for sure.

Maybe if you listen to them they will like you more than i did. Just not my cup of tea,at this album at least. But why not give them a chance? You never know, you could find your new born heroes after all…


Track List Line Up
01. Defame the Hypocrites
02. Drawing the Parallel
03. Bound To Wrath
04. Symbiotic
05. Finality
06. Dreaming In Reverse
07. Privation
08. Impose Your Will
09. Hollow Refuge
10. Blind Faith Loyalty
Chris Renaldi – Vocals
Joe Bonaddio – Lead Guitars & Backing Vocals
David E. Gehlke – Rhythm Guitars
Kevin Antonacci – Drums
Dom Scarano – Bass

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