This is the fifth release by the Swedish band Hearse. A band which is most known for their vocalist Johan Liiva. A true veteran in the metal scene, former member of the godly Carnage and the mighty Arch Enemy in the first three records (also contributed the bass on these releases).

Hearse’s style is what Entombed made known as ‘death ‘n ‘roll’. Combined by a rock feeling, while being brutal where needed, it keeps the interest going as the songs come one after the other. Liiva is in excellent shape i must admit. I always liked his voice, as it has always been a secret weapon in each release he has sung. He is such a passionate singer (or should I say growler? ) that he makes the difference. The songs are getting a level higher because of him.

The album sounds fresh and well worked. It seems as if they had a lot of fun creating it and this good atmosphere reflects on the sound of the band. Where Entombed meets The Hellacopters (another godly Swedish band with numerous great releases), that’s where Hearse lies. Of course, we cannot blame them for copying these two great bands, to play in such a style, you surely must know how to do it. And Hearse surely knows well how to do it. This release is one of the many around the metal music industry, it doesn’t promise uniquity, but it is honest, it is well produced and played, and most of all, it flows well and quick without making you feel boredom at all.

I have been following them since their debut ”Dominion Reptilian” in 2003. They still haven’t disappointed me so far, I can count on them for sure. They won’t change the world, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy them. After all, it’s all about music nowadays.

Track List Line Up
01. Intro
02. Misanthropic Charades
03. Sundown
04. The Moth
05. An Emotional Fraud
06. Single Ticket To Paradise
07. The Ferocious Embrace
08. Degeneration X
09. Your Purgatory
Johan Liiva: vocals
Mattias Ljung: guitar
Max Thornell: drums